A Year of B.O.B.S.

Reflecting On a Year of Business

The launch of B.O.B.S. one year ago was a small retirement idea that Bob wanted to share with his friends, family and community. It started off with a family favourite, the Classic Blend, which has been used in the family for years. Next up came the Vegetable Blend after many conversations about showcasing summer vegetables. It then quickly turned into several spice blend creations that makes up the 11 Blends of Bob's Spices

Throughout this journey there are 5 key points that the B.O.B.S. Team has been reflecting on:


There is no doubt that this business idea has brought the family, and friends that we consider family, closer together. Between the creative brainstorming sessions, delicious taste tests and busy production days... we have fun!


The sense of community that comes with owning a business is what makes it all worth it. Bob truly enjoys doing local deliveries and chatting with his customers about the spices. He has also made a number of connections with local business in the area that have been incredibly supportive of the business. Little Britain and the surrounding areas are incredible for supporting local, family run businesses.


You are the reason that we do what we do! Your ongoing support means the world to us and you motivate the team to continue creating new products. A lot of our conversations happen through social media where we talk about recipe ideas and new product launches. We can't count the amount of times our customers have sent us pictures of their meals featuring our spice blends... and it always puts a smile on our face!


Around November 2020 we had an idea to offer Christmas gift packages. Little did we know that B.O.B.S. would quickly become one of the community's top gift giving ideas! December became one of our busiest months with the launch of multiple sized gift packages. While we are enjoying the summer months right now, we also can't wait to get our thinking caps on for Christmas 2021!


All in all, starting a business in a pandemic was not easy! It came with its fair share of ups and downs. We are thankful that we have been able to connect and grow with our community during these unprecedented times. We are stronger together! Social media, email, local stores and contactless deliveries kept us connected. 

So thank you. Thank you for continuing to support our business, for using our spice blends and for sharing your love of cooking with us! The B.O.B.S. Team is excited for what is to come.

Cheers to another year of B.O.B.S!


The B.O.B.S. Team

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