Perfecting the Blends & Starting a Business


One might imagine that after working as a Chef for 50 years it's quite easy to put together some spice blends, divide them up into jars, stick labels on them and start selling - but, as we've learned, there's a lot more to it than that! The past few weeks have been surreal - from the first samples going out in the Deer Run Farm Father's Day Kits and CSA's (thanks to the Skrabek family), to launching our new website - this adventure is all new to us and we cannot wait to share it with you. 

Some days it seems as though my job is the easy part! My son Graham refers to me as the research & development guy. I've been spending most of my time in the kitchen perfecting the blends. Graham on the other hand... he's all over the place! From picking up supplies, to chatting with potential retailers and making deliveries - he has been wearing many hats, but I guess that's what starting a business is all about. Thankfully, with help from his girlfriend Kelly-Anne and some other friends, we have been able to reach out to all of you via social media & word of mouth to gain interest and start selling.

If you haven't yet had a chance to try the blends, we sure hope you do soon. The "Classic Blend" (our first), was easy. Referred to as classic because that's just what it is in our household... It's a blend that we Gourlie's have been enjoying on our family meals for many years now. We would often joke with friends and guests that my recipe was top secret, but they continued to ask for the ingredients and for this reason, our business was created. B.O.B.S. is our way of inviting all of you to enjoy my blends for years to come. 

With our first blend finalized, we quickly began brainstorming what would be next. The classic is great on chicken, potatoes, salmon and more... and with each of those meals vegetables are key! Creating our "Vegetable Blend" second allowed us to start by selling blends that pair perfectly with those staple family meals. 

What's next? Well, our Steak Blend is in the final stages of development and the rest of the possibilities are endless. I encourage you to monitor our website and social media pages to catch all of our updates - from new blends, to recipe ideas and partnership announcements, we will do our best to post it all (Thanks Kelly-Anne)! 

Thank you for your support so far, the best is yet to come. 

- Bob.



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